Have a business idea but have not formalized your thoughts into a plan?

I am most passionate about helping individuals bringing their dreams to reality and creating their business plans. I have worked with tour operators in a franchise-style setup to manage their existing destinations and set up new ones, and am now working with individuals around the world finding their vision and setting goals. I can utilize my structured, out-of-the-box thinking and ability to see the big picture to develop your plan and goals together with you. I take a regenerative approach and sustainability is always in the forefront of my mind.

Need help with Health & Safety trainings and assessments of your products?

I have collaborated with global operations teams on compliance policies including code of conduct, inclusion, health & safety, risk assessments and incident management. We can create what's needed to ensure you offer an inclusive and safe environment for your customers as well as your employees.

Don’t know which systems and processes to implement to grow your business?

I have rolled out online platforms for global & remote teams to communicate and collaborate, share essential information, manage cases, provide company compliance documentation, best practices, and training documents with stakeholders.

Want to hire and manage teams, but don’t know how?

I managed, hired and trained global teams in various positions and cultures. We can set up what is needed to grow and manage inclusive teams with a healthy company culture.

Think your products need a refresh, but don’t know what?

I used to oversee 1000+ day tour products, and together we can evaluate your product quality, price, marketing and sales opportunities with OTAs and other partners.

You can share your new itineraries and ideas with me to create amazing experiences.

Are working on a project and have troubles coordinating it?

I rolled out Salesforce Service Cloud with Business Analysts for an international team, and worked on global projects with partners such as Airbnb, New York Times, Lonely Planet and Fare Harbor to create smooth processes and collaborations. I have used the Agile way, Trello, Asana and google suite to manage projects and am flexible in finding the most effective ways to make your work flow!

Got your first bad review and don't know how to reply and why you should reply at all? 

As a manager of a global customer relations team, I was responsible for all post tour customer communication for multi-day tours and can help you compose effective and empathetic replies to customer and create processes and reporting to take the appropriate action internally.

You are motivated and excited about what you do? Here is what excites me:

My professional life has been about creating wonderful experiences for travelers and customers and leave a positive impact with the people and communities I have visited. 

I understand the customer and have them in the forefront of my mind. Working in the various role in the travel industry has taught me there are a lot of possibilities to realize in a business, and how important a role our leaders and guides play.

I have experienced leadership on different levels and managed teams myself. I know what it takes to make people accountable for their performance. Everyone has different needs, and most of it comes down to effective and empathetic listening and communication.

Working with different cultures from across the globe on a daily basis, helping to find solutions to business problems and giving back to local communities gave me an incredible sense of fulfilment. 

Experiences, storytelling, connection and empathy are a vital part of what drives us as humans and I trust the travel industry is part of the solution to the problems we are facing right now. 

I love to work with people from all over the world. We can do this via several online platforms. My preferred working language is English, and I speak German, Spanish, and basic levels of Italian, French and Portuguese. If you have the motivation but lack funds, are a non-for-profit organization, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to volunteer my time for the right project.

Please contact me so we can discuss how I can help you grow!