Resources I Recommend



Nikki Padilla with Tripkinetics is both advocate and specialist for Tour Guides, who she feels should have a bigger voice in the larger Tourism Industry. She also helps with building tours that include diverse perspectives and believes the travel industry needs to be more sustainable & equitable. 

Mat Lewis of Big Outcomes - If you have looking for an empathetic, result-driven and passionate Life Coach I highly recommend to contact Mat. He has helped me a lot on my journey towards taking full responisbility of my life.

Alice Avril - Another highly skilled Life Coach, as well as very good Project Manager. I enjoyed working with Alice on some of the IT projects during my time at Urban Adventures and 



Shane Whaley's Tourpreneur Podcast is an excellent resource for tourism operators. He also has a great daily newsletter, a Directory of recommended people and Services and a Facebook group.

Ted Radio Hour - Amazingly curated Ted Talks to topics like being 'Simply Happy' or 'Failure Is An Option'

Worklife by Grant Adams - As the title suggests, very interesting and resourceful topics on all things worklife. 



Tim Ferris - The 4-Hour Work Week - interesting read on how to set life goals and make a plan to achieving them. Love the chapter on 'Fear-Setting'.

Eric Ries - The Lean Startup - How to effectively launch products and start companies.

Chip Conley - PEAK - Great read on managing people and teams in good and bad times.

Michael Gerber - The E-Myth Revisited - Explains the risks of failing for small companies within the first three years of operating and how to avoid it.

Chris Voss - Never Split the Difference - Great read on the art of negotiation.

Simon Sinek - Start With Why - How to create your company starting with your vision.