I have always been curious about people and their stories and wanted to explore the remote, big and busy places of our world. I love running, walking, biking in nature as much as meeting people and explore our big cities. I started working in European tourism during uni, and ventured further soon after, tour leading around the world. Slowly but surely, I made my home in Australia.

I choose what I do following my interests and passions and thrive to see the limitless opportunities there are around me to create the life that makes me excited to get out of bed every morning. This does not always make things easy but interesting for sure – one of my highlights was tour leading a bus trip from London to Sydney, through some fascinating and extremely remote places.

Even when moving around, I seek to contribute to communities around me. While living in Melbourne, I volunteered for the organization Free to Feed, and raised funds for people in the Everest Region of Nepal, following the earthquakes in 2015 and runing my first ever marathon at Mount Everest in 2016.

During my recent job, I loved working remotely from many different locations for two years. The better part about it was being able to connect to people from around the globe, helping them grow and achieve their goals with their businesses while leaving a positive impact on their community.  

I had to move on from the job and, like many others, had a lot of time to think during 2020. I realized that I can continue contributing to people and communities around the globe. I am currently living in a small community in coastal Portugal, am learning how to live more regeneratively by growing mine and other people's food with the Garden Lab, learning about permaculture, and thinking of ways to connect these new skills with my professional career (read my thoughts on connection here). I am excited to be offering my skills and experiences to you tour operators in the world who are creating sustainable businesses and want to benefit from my consulting services.